What is Flyball? 

Flyball is a relay race in which 2 teams of 4 dogs race head to head with the aim of being the first team to complete the course cleanly. 

Can any dog do Flyball? 

As long as the dog is fit and healthy then yes! We have a wide variety of dogs on our team, some very fast, some not so fast. Flyball is a very inclusive sport which dogs of all breeds can take part in. 

What age can my dog start training?

It depends on the breed of dog but no high impact work is done until the dog is physically matured. However there are a lot of non or low impact training exercises that can be started as young as 10-12 weeks old. 

How long does it to train a dog to do Flyball? 

That depends on the individual dog, but on average it takes around 12 months to train a new dog to a competition standard. 

When and Where do you train? 

During the summer we train on a Sunday morning either in Wickford or Basildon. During the winter we often train in the barn at Wat Tyler Country Park in Basildon.