This page is dedicated to those dogs that have sadly passed on.

They will be missed by us all. 


Border Collie

Born Sept 2009

Owned by Tasha

PB 4.17

Died Sept 2017

Harley was a crazy lad who was never the most reliable dog due to his ball obsession. However, he was an awesome stooge dog as nothing ever phased him and you couldn't ask to meet a nicer dog. He was always happy and provided the team with a lot of laughs, even if he did exasperate Tasha regularly! 

He will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him. 


Cocker Spaniel

Born Summer 2000

Owned by Tasha

PB 5.87

Died Dec 2017

Dante was a one in a million dog and also known as 'super spaniel' due to her ability to bounce back from illness and injuries and get back to doing what she loved best - flyball. 

She had a long career, racing until she was 16 and during this time was handled by more people than we can remember. She was never the fastest dog, but was always reliable and could run in any postion. She had a rough start to life and was physically abused, but this didn't stop her being the sweetest dog who loved everyone. There will never be another Dante and she will be missed by the team.