These dogs are all now enjoying a peaceful retirement. 

They have all been important members of the team and have helped shape it over the years. 


Border Collie

Born May 2007

Owned by Tasha 

PB 4.97

Retired August 2017

Roo was never the fastest flyball dog in the world but she was always reliable and was valuable to us as a dog that could run in any position and be handled by anyone. Also a great training dog for our babies as nothing ever put her off. She will certainly be missed. 


Working Cocker Spaniel

Born Jan 2007

Owned by Jenny

PB 4.50

Retired August 2017

Harley was Jenny's first flyball dog and he has been a very valuble member of the team for many years. He wasn't the easiest dog to train but Jenny persevered and he became a reliable dog who was able to run in any position. 

Some of his flyball acomplishments include being a divisional winner at the British Champs, competing at the European championships in Germany and also being one of the first dogs to travel all the way to the USA to compete at Can Am. 


Border Collie x SBT

Born March 2011

Owned by Katie 

PB 4.60

Retired December 2017

Riva has always been a character and certainly not the easiest dog to train. 

She had a rough start in life which unfortunately has left her with a few quirks which we never really managed to solve, so she was never the most reliable flyball dog. 

She is super sweet though and always smiling (literally!) 

She will be missed in the lanes, quirks and all. 


Border Collie

Born 2008

Owned by Mandy

PB 4.79

Retired June 2017

Pip came to us from another team having already raced for a few years. Unfortunately he had a serious issue knocking jumps over which we never managed to fully solve. 

He was a really valuable dog as he could run in any position with any dogs we put him with and you could guarantee that he would run clean. He was always enthusiastic and gave every race his absolute all. He also provided a lot of entertainment with his antics and is missed by everyone. 


Labrador retriever 

Born March 2008

Owned by Claire

PB 4.62

Retired December 2017

Connie first learned flyball with another team and after a few years break, joined us in 2016. She only raced with us for 2 seasons before injury forced her retirement but during this time she proved herself to be an excellent flyball dog and helped her team become divisional winners at the british championships 2016. She could run in any position and will be missed in the lanes.